The recognition of professional qualification and the possibility of practicing a profession in the Republic of Latvia. 

To start the process of recognizing your qualification, you will need to contact the Academic Information Center in Latvia for accurate information on the recognition process in your specific situation and submit the following documents to the information institution:

  1. Application.

  2. A copy of a personal identification document.

  3. Documents approving education and professional qualification (Diplomas and their supplements (Transcripts)) etc.

  4. Documents from the home country on the rights to practice a profession in that country (certificates, licenses, registration, etc., if any are available).

  5. A document on professional experience (if any is available).

  6. For doctors – certificate of good standing (absence of any disciplinary action) from the home country. 

  7. The requirements for knowledge of the official (Latvian) language at the C1 level also apply to those who wish to practice in their professions in Latvia. 

  8. Documents issued outside the EU (except Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan) must be legalized in the Republic of Latvia.

Further information about the requirements and the procedure for recognition of professional qualifications can be obtained from the Academic Information Center: or e-mail:

The Health Inspectorate automatically extends the duration of temporary professional permits issued until 30 November 2023, not exceeding a total period of five years from the moment of issuance of the certificate for temporary professional services.

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