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Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia was established on 1 February 2003.

Ministry of Health is the leading government authority in the health sector and it is responsible for public health, health care and pharmacy.

The Ministry of Health develops the national health policy, as well as organizes, coordinates and monitors its implementation. In order to secure execution of these functions the Ministry of Health develops regulations and policy planning documents, evaluates projects developed by other institutions, represents state interests in foreign and international institutions, informs the society about health policies and about the work of other health care institutions, as well as develops and defends national positions in the field of health care in the European Union. 

Since June 16, 2016 Minister for Health is Anda Čakša

Heads of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia:

Daina Mūrmane-Umbraško, Deputy Secretary of State on Health Politic Issues.

Āris Kasparāns, Deputy State Secretary for Financial Issues.

Agnese Vaļuliene, Deputy State Secretary for Resources and Changes Management.

Ministry's task is to develop and implement a national policy to safeguard public health, promote prevention by promoting healthy lifestyles, as well as to create conditions for citizens to get a cost effective, accessible and quality health care services.

The Ministry of Health has eight departments: Department of European Affairs and International Cooperation, Department of Document management and Personnel, Department of Pharmaceuticals, Department of Health Care, Department of Public Health, Department of Investments and Monitoring of the European Union Funds, Department of Budget Planning and Department of Resource Management.

As well as nine permanent divisions: Human Resources Developmenet Division, Division of Strategic Planning, Legal Division, Audit Division, Accounting Divison, Division of Capital Enterprises and Monitoring of Sectoral Finance and Investment, Projects Division, Procurement Divison and Communication Division.

Health ministers since 2002:

Guntis Belēvičs 05.11.2014. - 10.06.2016.

Ingrīda Circene 25.10.2011. - 14.07.2014.

Juris Bārzdiņš 03.11.2010. - 25.10.2011.

Didzis Gavars  13.05.2010. - 03.11.2010.

prof. Baiba Rozentāle 29.06.2009. - 23.03.2010.

Ivars Eglītis  20.12.2007. - 17.06.2009.

Vinets Veldre  25.01.2007. - 20.12.2007.

Gundars Bērziņš  02.12.2004. - 25.01.2007.

Rinalds Muciņš  25.03.2004. - 02.12.2004.

Ingrīda Circene  10.04.2003. - 09.03.2004.

Āris Auders  07.11.2002. - 10.04.2003.