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Health Care system in Latvia

Health care system in Latvia is based on the residence principle.

  • Negative list of benefits – the state pays for all services except those that are excluded from the scope.
  • Health care benefits are available at the state, municipality and private inpatient and outpatient health care institutions.
  • A patient should pay a contribution in order to receive health care.
  • Patient from the state budget and his own co-payments is provided with:

 -General practitioner and his team provided health care and preventive visitation once a year;
- Specialist’s provided health care
- Laboratory analysis and medical manipulations with the family doctor’s or specialist’s referral;
- Health care in the day stationary
- Home care
- Assistance of emergency medicine brigade
- Emergency medical assistance in the hospitals and trauma centres
- Health care in the emergency medical hospitals by providing more specialists support and necessary examinations;
- Care in the hospitals after treatment phase in the emergency medical hospitals, as well as in cases of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
- Rehabilitation after the treatment phase in the emergency medical hospitals or dynamic surveillance of the medical rehabilitation;
- Reimbursed medicines and medical devices.