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2014 - the year of family health


The Ministry of Health has announced the year 2014 as the year of family health. The aim is to facilitate patient care and disease diagnosis in the stage of primary health care. Minister for Health Ingrīda Circene:” Continuing our well-started tradition- year of mother and child health, year of heart health- this year we would like to pay special attention to family health. In order to ensure public health, disease prevention and care of patients with chronic illnesses ought to be a top priority, which can be provided by a team of family doctor’s. The task of this system is to prevent diseases, and the task of patients is to be actively involved in taking care of their own health. 

 On 28th of March, 2014 the conference was held on „Effective primary health care in modern Europe”.

  In order to discuss the current issues and trends in the field of primary health care, The Ministry of Health together with the World Health Organization representatives in Latvia organized an international conference “Effective primary health care in modern Europe” on 28th of March. Within the framework of Family health year an emphasis will be put on promoting primary health care as the most accessible and most important health care in illness prevention and diagnosis, which further facilitates to a healthy lifestyle throughout the life-span.